Our Difference

Is Fortis Academy the right school for your family?

Learn what sets us apart and how we help your child learn.

With a dual focus on academic rigor and leadership training, Fortis Academy is unlike any school, public or private, in Montana. The child-centered advantages of private education are numerous, but as you take a look at Fortis Academy consider the following:

Academic Excellence

Private education is focused on academics. Fortis Academy is no exception, and we have high expectations of our students. Our classical education curriculum is structured to offer teachers the opportunity to provide greater depth and breadth in subject matter. For example, at Fortis we offer Latin starting in elementary grades. While we have measures in place to track student progress, state and federally mandated tests are not part of our focus, leaving teachers time to concentrate on helping children learn rather than merely teaching them how to pass a test.

Integrated Leadership

Leadership training is woven into every aspect of the school experience from curriculum to daily activities. The school and entire staff are part of The Leader in Me Whole School Transformation Program, a three-year training and certification process. The program is based on the principles outlined in Stephen R. Covey’s bestselling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Character Development

Although we are not affiliated with any religion, we place an emphasis on traditional values and honoring the foundational tennents of our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage in the classroom, as we believe they are an important part of educating the whole child. We have a community-based, student-led volunteer program providing students the opportunity to discover the joys of giving and community involvement.

The Cost and Value of a Private School Education

Investment in Your Child's Future

We know a private education is a significant investment, but we also know that a child’s education is a one-time opportunity to prepare them for the future. We believe Fortis Academy is worth that investment, and hope you will contact us to learn more or enroll today.