“Seems just like yesterday our little five year old was putting on her uniform for the first day of school.  The whole family was so excited for her to be starting her school career in a classical school that has the same values and principles as our family.

The concept of a new school done the old school way definitely an intriguing aspect that lead us to Fortis Academy.

How do we feel about Fortis Academy six months later?  We love it!  What a fantastic Kindergarten year our granddaughter has had. She has grown in her knowledge so much and has a true enthusiasm  for learning that we directly credit to her teachers and  the  administration of Fortis.  We believe from our hearts that in the future years to come we will always look back and be grateful we were able to give her the opportunity of attending a learning facility of such high value.”

– Marcie Limpp, grandmother of Kindergarten student ‘15/’16 school year.


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