Tuition costs out of reach? Think again!

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You may be thinking that Fortis Academy is only for the wealthy, for children of the privileged, but we assure you, that’s not the case. By and large, our families fall squarely into the middle class. Like you may be wondering now, our parents all once wondered how they would afford a private education.

All parents can agree that education is important, but parents who choose Fortis or who are considering Fortis for their child, have a higher expectation. Maybe they have a child who has a different learning style than his classmates or a child who is struggling in a public school setting. Maybe they’re tired of the disconnect between parents and schools, they question the effectiveness of Common Core, or they’re looking to transition from home-school to a more structured setting.

In every case, these parents have made a commitment to creating every possible advantage for their child. So the question is no longer, “how can I afford private school?” it is “how can I afford not to?”


It’s a discussion about priorities, and we know it’s not an easy discussion.

Every family’s financial situation is unique, and so are their saving and spending habits. What may work for one family may not be right for another, but finding creative ways to save money for education is possible for everyone.

Some families forgo expensive destination vacations and enjoy road trips, camping, and attractions closer to home. Other families drive older cars, and use what they would be paying for a car payment to offset tuition costs. We’ve even heard of families who have sold boats, snowmobiles, RVs, and other “toys” they rarely use. We’re not suggesting these ideas are for everyone, but they are working for a few families.

At Fortis we try to make it as easy as possible to afford tuition. We offer tuition discounts for families with multiple children, interest-free payment plans, and a 10-percent discount for families who choose to pay their tuition all at once. We are also in the process of building a scholarship fund, and this year, we lowered tuition so we can offer this opportunity to more students.

What’s more important than tuition is the education your child will receive at Fortis. Fortis provides a learning environment that meets the needs of all students. It is academically challenging, but students receive all the individual help they need to be successful. Fortis students are gaining the tools they need for learning rather than just mastering a few facts to pass a test. They’re becoming future leaders and learning responsibility, integrity, and values. They’re developing character, becoming self-reliant, and gaining confidence. It’s a priceless opportunity.

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